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QR Codes Project

In summer 2023 the Cluster launched a community initiative to make rural footpaths running across two Cluster member's landholdings more informative and exciting.


The prototype sees five QR Codes posts positioned on an existing footpath circuit around the Ditchley Estate by Charlbury, as well as beside a restored sheep wash on the Sarsden Glebe Farm by Chipping Norton. All the QR Codes are accessible by smartphone.

The aim of the QR Codes, as well as interest and enjoyment, is to involve walkers in the countryside and farming, highlighting the farming community’s role in the production of beer, bread, edible oils and meat whilst growing trees and bushes to encourage a wider diversity of wildlife.


This prototype initiative has been part funded by Wild Oxfordshire.

FarmED, also a member of the Cluster, located between Chipping Norton and Shipton-under-Wychwood, is also trialling QR Code posts around its regenerative farm.  

QR Ditchley 2_edited.jpg
QR Beth.jpg

Leaping into the 21st century, walkers can scan their phone on each post's QR Code and access two minute videos. The videos will change by season, and explain what can be seen from the post.


One video was recorded by an 8 year old whose grandfather farmed the land, along with experts in trees, bees, birds, farming, local history, general wildlife and bats:

Robert on oil seed rape and companion cropping (Autumn 2023)

Robert updates on how the companion cropping has started off the oil seed rape (January 2024)

David on deer (Autumn 2023)

Rupert on the Sarsden sheepwash

Gill on bumblebees

Wendy on the Ditchley Foundation

Peter on trees

Robert on growing rape seed, wheat, barley and livestock

Louis on birds and tracking

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