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Evenlode Landscape Recovery

We are the North East Cotswold Farmer Cluster, and our mission is clear: to expedite the transition to a financially and environmentally sustainable farming system.


Our natural landscapes and environment face unprecedented threats. While measures like planting wildflowers in parks and protecting local woodlands are valuable, they overlook a vital piece of the puzzle—our farmers. Agricultural land blankets approximately 70% of the UK, yet, until now, farmers lacked a clear path to engage in meaningful environmental restoration while sustaining food production.

Traditionally, it seemed like an additional burden on already stretched British farmers navigating a complex and uncertain landscape of rising costs, extensive policy changes, and rapidly shifting climates. But landscape recovery offers a different path, and a bespoke landscape recovery plan, crafted and spearheaded by farmers, is even more promising.


Our Landscape Recovery Project is one part of a broader collective of innovative farmers, over 140 strong, across the Cotswolds who believe that farming, combined with the restoration of natural landscapes, is the future.


With strong support from credible research and science, our group firmly believes that landscape recovery has the potential to create a substantial new income stream for modern farmers. By restoring landscapes, nurturing wild habitats, enhancing soil health, and cleansing waterways on a grand scale, farmers will be at the forefront of mitigating the impacts of climate change without sacrificing food production.


The benefits don't end there. By allowing portions of land to flood and transform into wetlands, excess rainwater now has a designated outlet, no longer inundating the local villages or drowning our crops. This mission is undoubtedly worth the investment.


Please have a read through some of our Pilot schemes (click the photo buttons above) within our Cluster and news updates. If you have any questions or would like to know more please get in touch at


Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Map 4 - Evenlode Flow Pathway & Issues

Map 5 - Evenlode Habitats and Access

Map 6 - Evenlode Floodplain and River Restoration

Map 7

Map 8 - Evenlode Historic Land Use


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