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BBC Oxford highlights the opportunities of deer in the NE Cotswolds

The Cluster's work to dig into the problems and opportunities presented by the growing deer population in our area was highlighted on BBC Oxford BBC News by Tim Field in his radio interview today, 12th February, alongside Hugh van Cutsem.

The interview is at this link:

The North East Cotswolds Farmer Cluster deer management project is split into two phases; the first will be a large scale, ground-breaking thermal drone survey taking place in March over more than 21,000ha. The findings will provide an overview of the number and density of fallow, roe and muntjac across the landscape. 

The second phase of the project, which is already underway, will include a range of surveys for deer managers and food businesses that will aim to identify opportunities to securing a thriving local market for the onward sale of venison. 

To be involved or to learn more please contact Jack Knott or on 07754 839066. 


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